X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Rabu, 05 November 2014

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X-Men: The Last Stand
IMDB Rating : 6.8
IMDB Votes : 298,566
User Reviews : 1,897
Movie Rated : PG-13
Date Released : 26 May 2006
Run Time : 104 min
Movie Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Movie Director : Brett Ratner
Movie Writer : Simon Kinberg, Zak Penn
Movie Stars : Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen
Format : Quicktime
Movie Quality : 720p
Size : 880 MB
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X-Men: The Last Stand It has been several months since The X-Men stopped William Stryker, but that victory came at a price: they have lost Jean Grey when she tried to save them from the collapsed reservoir. Scott Summers (Cyclops) is still grieving about her loss. One day, he comes out to the place where Jean Grey sacrificed herself. Jean Grey appears right in front of him. Meanwhile, the rift between humans and mutants has finally reached the boiling point. Humans have discovered what causes humans to mutate and have found a cure for the mutation. The X-Men are appalled at this idea. When news about the cure comes to Magneto, he decides to organize an army of mutants and wage his war against the humans. When Jean Grey evolves into the Phoenix, her new mutant powers are so strong that she can not control her own body. Then, she kills off Professor X with her new powers. Now, The X-Men must stop Magneto again and put an end to the war against the humans, as well as stop Jean Grey's Phoenix powers.

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Good, but still disappointing

First of all, let me say that X3 was a great action film. If you want to have a great time at the movies, this is a fun film to watch. However, as a fan of X-Men and the film trilogy, there were some problems with the film.

There are a lot of characters that are undeveloped. It's not such a problem with the one's we already know, but it is for the one's that we don't. There's also unneeded information for certain characters that aren't really in the movie. Certain characters play big roles, but we don't get to know them. Others have minor roles, and the info is meaningless. For instance, a character is introduced in the prologue to the movie, but is barely seen in the remainder of the film. The movie was way too short. It seems like everyone's in a hurry throughout the film. If it had been 2 and a half hours, it would have been able to develop all of the characters, and the back stories would have been more relevant to certain characters. The movie is action packed and fun, but it really doesn't draw you into it the way the first two did, say for a couple of scenes.

Overall, it was worth seeing on the big screen, and I'm glad that I saw it. It is a good film. But again, you'll be a little disappointed as an X-Men fan. 7/10.

One final thing, stay after the credits for the final scene. It seems nobody saw the entire movie.

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